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Eating and drinking in good company, matched with dishes and seasonally menus. Original pizza napoletana, tapas and own burger creations prevailed. Thoroughly honest cuisine, with self-made components. In addition of Regional beer and wines from friendly Markgräfler wineries, as well as a selection of cocktails for every taste. The consideration of regional suppliers is a matter of principle for us. Visit us with friends, with your family, after sport or simply because they deserve it. For your personal celebration we have extraordinary available ideasideas!

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Elegant, modern, reduced.

Regional dishes and multi-course menus, accompanied by the appropriate beverages. The space offers the perfect location for your event with buffet theme, fondue and much more.

Restaurant extra


Informal, lively, lighted.

Direct access to the terrace with view to our beach bar. Our Verece Pizza Napoletana brings a piece of Naples to Lörrach. Here our Homemade tapas and burger creations are the perfect combination.



Casual, friendly, sporty.

With long tables and benches, the Parkfront is suitable for drinks and snacks at any time. Whether before or after the sport, here you have bowling railways and soccer arena in view. Also as a spectator.



Home, culture, enjoyment.

For an Aperó of a special kind we welcome you in our Black Forest Lounge with Black Forest Tapas and a Black Forest Gin. Classic, with Bommelhut and Exclusive bookable for your networking or a Get-Together.



Sociable, legendary, known.

Our sportsbar, as a heart of impulsive, is the casual meeting place for regular customers and athletes at any time of the day. Experience has shown that also hotel guests feel very comfortable here.

Sportbar, Bistro

Opening hours

 November - April

Wed - Sat  4 pm - 0 pm *
Sun 2 pm - 9 pm **

May - October

Med - Sat  4 pm - 0 pm Uhr *

*Kitchen until 11 pm
**Kitchen until 8 pm

Beach20 - beach bar

Summer vacation in Lörrach

Summer vacation in Lörrach

You miss the beach? So do we. Tasty cocktails in the deck chair, a round beach volleyball in the warm sand. After-work on the camp fire with tapas, burger and pizza napoletana. A team event followed by barbeque in the evening sun, the perfect place for a short break in Lörrach. Are you planning a summer party? Our beach bar Beach20 is bookable in conjunction with our Homemade catering from 30 people exclusively.

Verace Pizza Napoletana - since 2017

A piece of Naples in Lörrach.

Why the mother of all pizzas?

When we hit Naples to test the Vera Napoletana in the hottest places in the world -like in L 'Antica Pizzeria Matteo, Gino Sorbillo, L' Antica Pizzeria da Michele and Pizzeria Brandi - it was clear to us: if pizza - then the original.

The Urpizza production method of the 18th century is set to the last detail and is controlled by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). It is exactly this piece of Naples that we get to Lörrach. So that the pizza tastes exactly as in your home Naples we use uncompromisingly authentic basic ingredients, in high quality and imported for us. All ingredients are cut by hand, the tomatoes crushed by hand. The dough is prepared the day before and spends at least 24 hours in fermentation.

  • Single-origin flour from Campania for the perfect pizza dough.
  • On Vesuvius, fully ripe, hand-picked San Marzano tomatoes.
  • Fior di Latte from the small mountain village of Agerola, north of the Amalfi Coast.
The Neapolitan pizza is baked in a handmade dome of Naples, made by Stefano Ferrara for us at 485 degrees Celsius.
The pizza comes out differently than in most pizzerias. Better? - You decide.

Pizza Napoletana Menu

Von Napoletana

The dough creates heat bubbles, the edge is airy and smooth, in some places also dark brown. In the middle, the pizza is thinner and more humid. Due to the hellish heat, the pizza Verace Napoletana only spends 90 seconds in the stone oven. The topping is therefore fresh instead of overcooked.

Traditionally there are two types of Napoletana: "Margherita" with tomatoes, Fior di Latte and basil, and "Marinara" with additional oregano and garlic. Be sure to try these and our seasonally pizzas as original.

Our passion and the joy of our guests can be found in the creation of our Pizza Napoletana. We are not oppen for less. 


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