The highlight in September.

The athletes event in September. Very simply explained :

At Super10, teams of four compete against each other for a day. In eleven disciplines.
The worst is not counted. This way you can really beat yourself up without worsening the overall result.

Superlight rules:

  • A maximum of 10 points can be achieved per discipline and player. With 4 players and 10 disciplines, this results in a maximum score of 400.
  • During the "decathlon" you will be accompanied by an IMPULSIV -captain. They explain the rules of the game to you for each discipline, record your points and evaluate them to determine the winner of the day.

The teams. Best super relaxed.

You don't have to be a top athlete or professional to take part in Super10.

So just grab three sporty friends, colleagues or family members and book it. Tip: usually the lot decides which teams of four compete against each other. But if you already have a desired opponent, register as two teams of four. Then you have the desired game secured.

And another advantage: With simultaneous application of two teams of four participants one is free.

“10 out of 11” - the disciplines

  • badminton 
  • Beachminton
  • beach volleyball
  • Boule
  • bowling
  • darts
  • Indoor soccer
  • Kegel
  • tennis
  • table football
  • Table tennis

“10 out of 11” = the worst discipline is not counted.

The easiest discipline: the "Boxenstopp"

Between your matches you can fortify yourself with delicious surprises at three stations
From 7.30 p.m. we will all eat together at the buffet with specialties from our IMPULSIV- kitchen. Then will be celebrated the winner of the day.

We look forward to your applications!

Attention: Registration deadline one week before the event.

Termine 2021

  • Saturday XX.09.2021
  • Saturday XX.09.2021
  • Saturday XX.09.2021

The game starts at 1.30 p.m.

Entry fee: 35 € per person included

  • Rental equipment (rackets, balls, bowling shoes)
  • Impulsiv sports- drinking bottle from ISYbe including unlimited table water during the event
  • 3 enjoyment stations
  • buffet
  • Prizes for the daily winners
  • Registration online or on site


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